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Here's a unique "sponge" that turns used cooking oil into cheap biodiesel

This sponge-like creation is a new type of ultra-efficient catalyst for changing molecules into raw materials, i.e. materials intended for further processing. According to its authors, it is one of a kind, as it allows a number of different chemical reactions to be carried out within one material, with a high degree of control over the results. 'Previously manufactured catalysts can perform multiple reactions simultaneously, but we have seen many times that this approach has little chemical control, making it inefficient and difficult to predict. Our bio approach leans towards nature's catalysts - enzymes - to develop a powerful and precise way to perform many reactions in a specific order. It's like having a production line for nano-scale chemical reactions - all in one miniature and super-efficient catalyst molecule, explains Professor Karen Wilson, co-author of the study.

Cybertruck, however, not so perfect. Tesla will show a new version of the electric pickup truck

Cybertruck has evoked a mixed feeling since its presentation - some people cannot stand its unique futuristic design, while others, on the contrary, are delighted with it. However, it cannot be denied that this is one of the most controversial projects in the history of the automotive industry, and for this reason, it arouses great interest. This is fueling Tesla itself, because as we are just learning from Elon Musk's Twitter account, Cybertruck has recently undergone major changes, the effects of which we will see next month.

We're going to Mars! It turns out there's plenty of rocket fuel and oxygen in there

There are very extreme environmental conditions on Mars, in which a person cannot survive even a minute without special protection. Therefore, the first step towards the colonization of this mysterious planet will be to build a safe base. It will protect astronauts not only from radiation, but also from drastic temperature changes and dust storms.

Meat from the laboratory will go to the first restaurants this year

More and more people give up eating meat and only in some cases it is about health issues, because definitely more people do not want to simply contribute to the suffering of animals and climate change caused by huge farms. Until now, they most often used vegan and vegetable meat equivalents (e.g. Beyond Burger offers), but soon an alternative will appear in the form of meat grown in the laboratory, and more specifically chicken nuggets, in the production of which no animal suffered. All thanks to the fact that local legislators decided to allow the use of laboratory meat from the American company Eat Just.

Elon Musk will build the Starlink space internet for free. SpaceX got a billion dollars

SpaceX now has close to 1,000 microsatellites of the cosmic internet called Starlink in space. Thanks to it, it will connect the most wild areas of our beautiful planet and without telecommunications infrastructure. It is a historical project that will be an introduction to ensuring faster information exchange between the Earth and the Moon and Mars and the colonies built there.

The Hubble Telescope has just discovered an amazing secret of the hiding 9th planet

The 9th planet is to hide from our eyes somewhere behind the orbit of Neptune. The density of objects in the Kuiper Belt indicates the presence of a large object there, which disrupts the orbits of smaller celestial bodies. There, the asteroids move in elongated, elliptical orbits. Calculations indicate that there should be a rocky planet 5 times the size of Earth.