Career break? Brad Pitt wants to retire after Oscar for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

With his first Oscar, which Brad Pitt received as an actor, he undoubtedly had a career highlight in the night of Monday. After “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” Pitt now wants to withdraw for a while.

Actually unbelievable, but in the more than 30 years that  Brad Pitt was in front of the camera, the actor known from cult films like “Seven” and “Fight Club” received an Oscar until last week – not as an actor but as a producer ( for “12 Years A Slave”).

After “Twelve Monkeys”, “The Strange Case of Benjamin Button” and “Moneyball” it was finally time in the fourth attempt as an actor: Brad Pitt received the Oscar for best supporting actor in Quentin Tarantino’s ” Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” “. However, this does not spur the 56-year-old to go hunting for trophies all the more intensively in the future. Instead, after an award, Pitt spoke of taking a break. Once upon a time online HD.


Pitt was the first to receive his long overdue golden boy on the 92nd Oscar night. Shortly afterwards, he then dropped the bomb behind the stage, as reported by CinemaBlend :

“I think now is the time to go away for a while – and do things again,” said Brad Pitt.

What exactly the actor means by that is unclear. In his Oscar acceptance speech, among other things, his children were given special mention, to whom he might want to devote more attention in the next few years. While he was honored and also pleased with the very special award season, he also let the press know that in the future he “hopefully will have to do with other shit”. 

After films like ” Moonlight “, ” Vice “, ” Beale Street ” or Netflix’s ” The King “, Pitt has at least a few projects in the works as a producer – including the Marilyn Monroe biopic ” Blonde ” from “Mindhunter” director Andrew Dominik or ” Americanah ” with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o (“We”) as a Nigerian migrant.

As an actor, Brad Pitt’s ” Babylon ” by Damien Chazelle (“Departure to the Moon”) has only one film in the pipeline for which he is likely to be in front of the camera – and it is also not expected to be released until February 17, 2022 . So the actor’s break should last at least two years. By the way, Pitt recently appeared in the science fiction drama ” Ad Astra “.

“Matrix 4”: What we know so far about the sequel to Keanu Reeves as Neo

“Matrix 4” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of 2021. We look back at the original trilogy, summarize the previously known information about the new “Matrix” and answer (as best we can) the burning questions about Part 4.

” Matrix 4 ” is actually coming. 22 years after ” The Matrix ” in 1999 and 18 years after the sequels ” Matrix Reloaded ” and ” Matrix Revolutions ” in 2003,  Keanu Reeves willactually play Neo again, as well as  Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity and  Jada Pinkett Smithas Niobe back. Watch full Matrix trilogy on Free2Watch.

In our ten-minute video for “Matrix 4”, which you can watch above, we summarize why the original has earned its status as a science fiction cult film and what happened in the first three parts. We also look back on the long and complicated history of part 4.


But of course the most exciting question does not go unanswered: How is “Matrix 4” possible at all , when Neo actually sacrificed himself to stop the mad program Agent Smith ( Hugo Weaving ), and Trinity died on the flight towards the machine town?

Possible answers to this question can be found in our video from minute 5:25. In any case, we are as excited as you are, how the makers will solve this problem.

From minute 7:39, you will find out what other exciting questions are burning under our nails – for example the question of whether the ceasefire between humans and machines continues and how life in the matrix and on the destroyed earth since the end of ” Matrix Revolutions ”.


In addition to the three returnees mentioned at the beginning, there are also numerous newcomers who will venture into the Matrix for the first time in “Matrix 4”. We present the new actors in our video from 9:37.

“Matrix 4” will be released in US cinemas on May 21, 2021. A German start date is not yet known , but it will probably not be much later.

Anyway, the shooting has already started and shows Keanu Reeves in a look that is anything but typical for Neo. Maybe there is something wrong with the rumors that “Matrix 4” will become a kind of meta-film in which the “Matrix” trilogy exists within the Matrix?