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NASA: There is a lot of water on the moon. It's literally everywhere

Although water on the natural satellite of our planet has been discovered quite a long time ago, the scientific world has believed that it exists there in the form of water ice, which will accumulate in the dark craters lying around the South Pole of the Silver Globe.

Here's a unique "sponge" that turns used cooking oil into cheap biodiesel

This sponge-like creation is a new type of ultra-efficient catalyst for changing molecules into raw materials, i.e. materials intended for further processing. According to its authors, it is one of a kind, as it allows a number of different chemical reactions to be carried out within one material, with a high degree of control over the results. 'Previously manufactured catalysts can perform multiple reactions simultaneously, but we have seen many times that this approach has little chemical control, making it inefficient and difficult to predict. Our bio approach leans towards nature's catalysts - enzymes - to develop a powerful and precise way to perform many reactions in a specific order. It's like having a production line for nano-scale chemical reactions - all in one miniature and super-efficient catalyst molecule, explains Professor Karen Wilson, co-author of the study.

Cybertruck, however, not so perfect. Tesla will show a new version of the electric pickup truck

Cybertruck has evoked a mixed feeling since its presentation - some people cannot stand its unique futuristic design, while others, on the contrary, are delighted with it. However, it cannot be denied that this is one of the most controversial projects in the history of the automotive industry, and for this reason, it arouses great interest. This is fueling Tesla itself, because as we are just learning from Elon Musk's Twitter account, Cybertruck has recently undergone major changes, the effects of which we will see next month.

Netflix returns to linear TV? The first tests have started in France

It might seem that the ability to watch what we want and when we want is the biggest advantage of websites like Netflix, but apparently not everyone is of the opinion, because the platform is preparing some changes. And we are talking about Direct, a Netflix channel maintained in the convention of linear television, in which the platform's owners decide about the programming, which has just started in France. As reported by people who had the opportunity to see it with their own eyes, after clicking the Direct link in the menu, we will be transferred to a pre-programmed channel full of popular movies, series and documents.

The strange behavior of the Model 3 from Tesla with a new autonomous function

One of the lucky owners of the Model 3 posted a very interesting video on the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel. The user recorded it during his trip to work. We can see quite difficult road conditions on it, as for autonomous systems. The Autopilot system dealt with them in a rather interesting way.

These are the solar mountains. This is how China wants to become completely ecological

There is no other country in the world that would invest such unimaginable money in technologies of obtaining energy from renewable sources. Despite this fact, China still has a long way to go to complete climate neutrality. Unfortunately, this is due to the richest countries in the world, which have their factories there or export goods from them.

This was the landing of the Chinese probe on the moon. He will come back to Earth soon

The landing site of the probe took place on December 1 on the lunar surface in the region of the Ocean of Storms, the vast lunar sea lying on the western edge of the Earth's side of the object. Scientists from the CNSA reported that the sampler is now biting into lunar dust, called regolith, and collecting rock samples. In total, it is to accumulate about 2 kilograms.

Watch as the shadow of the moon fell to the earth and the oceans during yesterday's solar eclipse

On Monday (14.12) at noon local time in the central-southern regions of Chile and Argentina in South America, a total solar eclipse could be observed, which usually only happens once a generation in a given location.

A mysterious figure was flying near the planes over Los Angeles. The case is handled by the FBI

In the published video, we can see an object that resembles a man with a jetpack. Several companies in the world are working on such inventions and even use them often, but this time the object was moving quite fast and the flight took place at an altitude of about 1500 meters.

This unusual species of fish has domesticated shrimp. He lives in coral reefs

We domesticated dogs, sheep, chickens, and even such elusive creatures as bees and parrots, while also forcing wild vegetation such as wheat and corn to grow where we feel comfortable. So we are undoubtedly specialists in domestication, but it looks like we may have competition because we just came across a fish that does the same with shrimp to work on its "farm". This is a species of Stegastes diencaeus that spends most of its days exploring the coral reefs of Central America's Belize coast and feeding on its own algae farms. The fish are very proud of them and chase away all creatures that come too close, except the Mysidium integrum shrimp, which are tasked with fertilizing the crop.