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Netflix returns to linear TV? The first tests have started in France

It might seem that the ability to watch what we want and when we want is the biggest advantage of websites like Netflix, but apparently not everyone is of the opinion, because the platform is preparing some changes. And we are talking about Direct, a Netflix channel maintained in the convention of linear television, in which the platform's owners decide about the programming, which has just started in France. As reported by people who had the opportunity to see it with their own eyes, after clicking the Direct link in the menu, we will be transferred to a pre-programmed channel full of popular movies, series and documents.

Samsung abandons the Note series? There will be no new model in 2021

Could Galaxy Note 20 turn out to be the last representative of the recognized Note series? According to the latest information obtained by Reuters, Samsung will most likely not present us a new model next year. Instead, the manufacturer's attention is to focus on Galaxy S smartphones and the line of foldable models with flexible displays, i.e. Z Flip and Z Fold. Interestingly, however, the abandonment of the Note series does not automatically mean the abandonment of the S Pen stylus, because Samsung is said to have plans to introduce compatibility of this accessory with the devices of the above-mentioned series - however, it can be expected that the old ones will not work and will require the purchase of a new one.

This was the landing of the Chinese probe on the moon. He will come back to Earth soon

The landing site of the probe took place on December 1 on the lunar surface in the region of the Ocean of Storms, the vast lunar sea lying on the western edge of the Earth's side of the object. Scientists from the CNSA reported that the sampler is now biting into lunar dust, called regolith, and collecting rock samples. In total, it is to accumulate about 2 kilograms.

Watch as the shadow of the moon fell to the earth and the oceans during yesterday's solar eclipse

On Monday (14.12) at noon local time in the central-southern regions of Chile and Argentina in South America, a total solar eclipse could be observed, which usually only happens once a generation in a given location.