This was the landing of the Chinese probe on the moon. He will come back to Earth soon The Chinese Space Agency has published a footage of the landing of the Chang'e-5 probe on the lunar surface. The device will take rock samples and return them to Earth with them.

The landing site of the probe took place on December 1 on the lunar surface in the region of the Ocean of Storms, the vast lunar sea lying on the western edge of the Earth's side of the object. Scientists from the CNSA reported that the sampler is now biting into lunar dust, called regolith, and collecting rock samples. In total, it is to accumulate about 2 kilograms.

In a few days, the probe will take off from the surface and connect to the orbiter. After 10 days, they will set off on a journey towards our planet. The landing of the capsule with samples in the territory of the Middle Kingdom is to take place between 15 and 16 December this year.

We can learn from the published videos that the device landed in a fairly flat area. There are no craters there, and there are cinema scanner a few small rocks in the regolith. Scientists are pleased with the successful landing and the fact that there have been no problems with obtaining samples for future research so far.

China's Chang'e-5 lunar sampling mission is unique in the history of this country and mankind. It is the first mission of this type in the 21st century and the first in 44 years, when the Russians sent their missions there. The Chinese hope to learn more about our planet's natural satellite, which will be very important in future plans to explore this facility, build the first bases there and start the era of space mining.

It will not end with the Chang'e-5 mission. The Chinese Space Agency already has at its disposal a ready Cheng'e-6 probe, whose task will be to collect samples from the southern pole of the moon. The mission is scheduled to start next year. We do not know the exact date yet, but we are very happy with the determination of the Chinese. The rivalry between superpowers on the exploration of the Silver Globe will ensure that all fans of space missions will have plenty of opportunities in the coming years to admire photos and videos of the natural satellite of our planet and more.