The strange behavior of the Model 3 from Tesla with a new autonomous function The first Tesla vehicles have already been able to move on the roads in full autonomous mode, thanks to which their owners will soon be able to earn money on them as on robo-taxis.

One of the lucky owners of the Model 3 posted a very interesting video on the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel. The user recorded it during his trip to work. We can see quite difficult road conditions on it, as for autonomous systems. The Autopilot system dealt with them in a rather interesting way.

Well, at the beginning, the vehicle reacted strangely when driving past a concrete railing and a truck. The driver kept his hands close to the steering wheel in fear of a collision with the railing, because the vehicle was dangerously steered towards it and then approached it too close while cornering.

At one point, the FSD system surprised the driver, as it began to automatically fold the mirrors so that they would not rub against the railing. When things got looser on the road, the system unfolded the mirrors again. Tesla fans inform that the full Full Self Driving mode will about musics just such benefits. Ultimately, when driving in autonomous mode, the mirrors will be folded continuously. This will increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle and the safety of other road users.

Full autonomy mode in Tesla vehicles will now be available to everyone next year. Unfortunately, many owners of these electricians find the system still too precarious for them. You can also find out about it after the above video. The vehicle moves quite uncertainly, many drivers fear that the system will fail in the most unexpected situation and lead to a fatal accident. Watch the movie and judge for yourself if you would trust Autopilot.