Samsung abandons the Note series? There will be no new model in 2021 We have bad news for fans of a series of large smartphones from the Korean manufacturer, because everything indicates that we cannot count on the new Note model next year.

Could Galaxy Note 20 turn out to be the last representative of the recognized Note series? According to the latest information obtained by Reuters, Samsung will most likely not present us a new model next year. Instead, the manufacturer's attention is to focus on Galaxy S smartphones and the line of foldable models with flexible displays, i.e. Z Flip and Z Fold. Interestingly, however, the abandonment of the Note series does not automatically mean the abandonment of the S Pen stylus, because Samsung is said to have plans to introduce compatibility of this accessory with the devices of the above-mentioned series - however, it can be Media Joker that the old ones will not work and will require the purchase of a new one.

Where did this idea come from? It is said to result from a large drop in interest in high-end smartphone models during the pandemic, which seems understandable, because now most of us spend money more wisely and the new phone is probably at the end of the list of needs, especially so expensive. So instead of developing two flagship lines, which may not be profitable, Samsung is moving its Note department effort to foldable smartphones with flexible displays. And it is hardly surprising, because although this series was very popular when it hit the market in 2011, impressing with modern solutions, a large 5.1-inch screen (the iPhone 4S measured 3.5 inches then!) And a stylus. over time, the market has changed significantly.

Mainly in terms of displays, which have grown significantly in most smartphones, so the large screen is no longer the biggest advantage of the Note series - even compared to other models from Samsung's offer, because the Galaxy S20 has a 6.7-inch screen, and the Note 20 only slightly larger 6 , 9 inch, there is no difference. Moreover, the Koreans gave up the experiments that characterized the Note series for years, so apart from the stylus support, it did not differ much from the market competition. All this meant that consumers are less and less likely to use the Note series solutions, which additionally hit a fairly limited group of business customers, making its further development may not be profitable for the company. Will it really be like that and is this the end of the Note series? We will find out everything soon, because Samsung this year is preparing to reveal its smartphones a bit faster than usual, in January.