Netflix returns to linear TV? The first tests have started in France It seems that the streaming giant also wants to reach people who like to stick to a predetermined broadcast schedule or always have a problem with which series or movie to decide on.

It might seem that the ability to watch what we want and when we want is the biggest advantage of websites like Netflix, but apparently not everyone is of the opinion, because the platform is preparing some changes. And we are talking about Direct, a Netflix channel maintained in the convention of linear television, in which the platform's owners decide about the programming, which has just started in France. As reported by people who had the opportunity to see it with their own eyes, after clicking the Direct link in the menu, we will be transferred to a pre-programmed channel full of popular movies, series and documents.

These can be watched in real time, just like on classic TV, without the possibility of scrolling in any direction. And why France in particular? It is one of the most important netflix markets, where the subscription is paid regularly by 9 million users, but the inhabitants are still used to watching TV in the classic edition and sitting in front of the receiver at a predetermined time. "In France, watching traditional TV is still hugely popular with people who want an easy and relaxing experience where they don't have to choose their own programs," we read in the company's press release.

What's more, Netflix also has a hidden goal here, which is to introduce users to series and programs that they would otherwise not reach for. "Maybe you're not in the mood to decide, or you're new to it and just learning everything, or maybe you just want to be surprised by something new and different," adds Netflix. After selecting the Direct channel, Netflix shows the user what has been planned for the next 24 hours, and the content available here changes every 5 days, depending on what is currently popular on the site - so it may be that we will Film Fun Box 2 episodes of the show, and then this one will disappear, so you will have to finish watching in a typical Netflix way, which is probably also about the platform. As we mentioned, the new option is currently only available in France and only from a browser on a computer, and the company representatives have not decided to make any additional comments, so we do not know any further plans in this regard.