Iron Man surprisingly pushed out of 1st place: All MCU heroes in the big ranking

Just recently our colleague and video editor Yves recorded a long video in which he ranks all the villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

After the villains from the Marvel universe, now it's time for the good guys. For his new XXL video, Yves made a ranking with all MCU heroes. There are a few surprises here again.

Captain Marvel and Spider-Man do surprisingly poorly in the MCU ranking

For Yves, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is the weakest figure among the MCU superheroes. For him, this is mainly due to the fact that she does not go through any proper character development and is treated more like a superpower on two legs.

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Charm bolt Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man does not come off well in the ranking and only lands in 24th place out of 28. Yves considers the MCU version of the superhero to be a misunderstood character who constantly has to act as an assistant to Tony Stark and a lot gets too little independent personality.

An MCU heroine pushes Iron Man from 1st place in the MCU ranking

At the end there is another surprise in Yves' ranking, because Tony Stark aka Iron Man only came in second. For him, the best hero figure from the MCU is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch!

For him, this is mainly due to the exciting complexity through which Wanda appears between the dubious villain, powerful heroine and tragic personality. In addition to the movies, the MCU series WandaVision could also develop into Yves' favorite project from the comic universe.

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