Image shadow of the black hole event horizon of a great scientific breakthrough 2019 years

Science magazine published a list of the greatest scientific achievements of humanity is slowly ending 2,019 years. It was full of many exciting discoveries, but only one of them was truly groundbreaking.Of course, it could not be anything else, as the first in the history of space exploration of a powerful black hole located in the center of the galaxy M87, which is the largest and brightest object in the constellation Virgo. That’s why the researchers decided to indent a closer look at this fascinating part of the space.The discoveries made by the project Event Horizont Telescope. It is a network spread all over the world approx. 20 radio antennas that are coupled together in such a way that they form one big antenna dish size of the entire Earth. Only in this way can be made effective observation and recording the shadow of the black hole event horizon. Now we know that a supermassive black hole located in the center of the galaxy M87, has a mass of 6.5 billion solar masses and away from us is 55 million light years. As for the shadow (dark area in the middle of the image below), it acquires the 40 billion kilometers, the event horizon is within approx. 2.5 times smaller. Astronomers working on the project Event Horizont Telescope, received over $3 million to continue its work. This is great news, because it will allow them to prepare another astronomical surprise in the next year. Then our eyes to appear razor-sharp images combined into a movie, which we see as one of the powerful black holes devouring the surrounding matter. Researchers ensure that the view will be spectacular and will be made in our memory for a long time. But that’s not all, astronomers from Radboud University and the European Space Agency propose to build a network of radio telescopes, this time on the Earth’s orbit, so that we see these extraordinary objects in such detail, in which up to now was not given to us.In the scientific journal Astronomy & Astrophysics article appeared in which we read that just two or three satellites dedicated exclusively to the observation of black holes. Scientists have even gave the name of your project, namely the Event Horizon Imager (EHI). In space EHI will have a resolution five times higher than the EHT on Earth. Fig. Radboud University.Most interestingly, the researchers have even prepared graphics, thanks to which we can see how they will look and shadow images of the event horizon Sagittarius A *, the powerful black hole, located in the center of our galaxy from the new observation system. Admittedly, that they will deny breathtaking, and astronomers will be an extremely valuable source of information about these objects, as well as the object of research on the issues various theories.The domain of cosmic Event Horizon imager is to be working at a much higher frequency than Earth Event Horizon Telescope. The latter made the images of the black hole lying in Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the Virgo Cluster, at a frequency of 230 GHz. Meanwhile, the ETI will even 690 GHz. This means that the images are full of details that can not be obtained by ground-based systems, and yet these are the key data on issues of research being functioning of these facilities.

In China, it created a 500-megapixel camera for surveillance passers

Chinese Big Brother every day is growing in strength. Recently presented a camera that can recognize objects from a distance of 45 kilometers, and now a new device perfectly identify every face in a big crowd. 60000000 Big Brother cameras in China is based on artificial intelligence technology in terms of facial recognition passers-by. This is important because the system detects the criminals and notes any illegal activities. Bottleneck all the technology, however, are cameras in the low resolution image. If the paintings is the little details, the artificial intelligence has a problem with a quick and correct identification of the face.This is especially problematic when the service they want to identify individuals at major demonstrations, for example. Organized in the evening or at night. Here, with the help of engineers just came from Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics. They have designed from scratch and built a 500-megapixel camera that can identify a human face, even in a crowd numbering tens of thousands of people.This invention has been presented for the first time at the International Industrial Fair in China, which took place a few days ago. The entire system consists of the entire fleet of this type of cameras. The more there are, the more increases the effectiveness of the detection of specific individuals. Engineers revealed that the device is more than 5 times more effective in terms of face detection information from the human eye. The government already plans to implement new technology to the existing city surveillance systems. Thanks detection or tracking wanted persons selected citizens will become as easy as a piece of cake. The authorities plan to expand in the coming years, a network of cameras Big Brother in China to well over 100 million. It is a great number of them, which people are not physically able to embrace. Therefore, the government rely on artificial intelligence.

Sony announces the release date of the PlayStation 5 and reveals interesting information

It all started at the beginning of last year, when the chief designer of the new console, Mark Cerny, informed about the work on the successor to the PS4 – from the time when we all wonder, at what price and with what specification next-gen Sony hits the market.It is true that a large part of the information we learned thanks to numerous leaks, but now lived to the official presentation. At the beginning of the release date, which for most of us it is no surprise, because since Microsoft announced its Xbox X Series for Christmas next year, Sony does not have too much room for maneuver. Therefore, the PlayStation 5 follows in the footsteps competitor and will debut at the same time, the “magic” Holiday 2020, which could mean any time between October and December next year, but certainly sufficiently early so that we could buy yourself this console as a gift holiday season.Unfortunately still not met the price console, but the recent leak suggested approx. US $499 during its debut in the United States, which seems to be relatively low (especially in the face of the early reports suggesting nearly $1,000, which Sony fortunately denied), although the likely amount – it $100 more than the previous version and that we stick to. With the conference we learned at CES this logo for a new device, though, and here, there were no major surprises, because Sony has a habit combined as Microsoft. Had wanted in this way to note that once again puts on what he does best?By the way, we lived to also confirm some information on the specifications of the console, and even mentioned a super-fast SSD, so that we can forget about burdensome loadings. The only question is at what capacity, because disk space is a serious problem for many users PS4, and the price of $ 499 will not allow too much in this regard. Sony has also provided that the PlayStation 5 will support ray tracing in real time, although recent rumors have suggested that ray tracing is for the equipment too much. We can also count on the support for 3D surround sound audio, drive Ultra HD Blu-Ray, which will enable 4K UHD video playback at 60 frames per second, and backward compatibility with games from the PlayStation 4. Previously, Sony and praised the official information on the new version of the DualShock controller, which will see a few improvements. The first is the implementation of haptic technology to replace the worn-out already “shock” and will allow for a wider range of feedback. This system will be able to create the impression of different textures and areas, allowing you to feel the difference, eg. Between the grassy field and mud. The second novelty is the adaptation triggers is connected to L2 and R2, which enable programming of resistance, giving the possibility of gradation developers depending on their activities. Sony also boast the latest sales results, so we know that since the launch has sold over 5 million headset VR 104 million PlayStation 4, which means the second result in the history of gaming consoles, behind the PS2 and 158 million devices.