American Assassin why the planned mega-franchise has failed

“American Assassin”: why the planned mega-franchise has failed

13 books wrote Vince Flynn about the CIA anti-terrorist fighters Mitch Rapp until his death in 2013, followed by five other novels written by a new author. Enough material for a mega-action franchise. But nothing came of it known.

It is now not uncommon in Hollywood that the makers already have a whole franchise in mind when they produce only times only a movie. And it is not uncommon that these plans quickly disappear in the drawer when the first part of a flop at the box office. That “American Assassin” will never see a sequel is about totally logical: Worldwide revenues of only around 67 million dollars is just too puny – even with a modest budget of 33 million dollars.

Here, one might have seen earlier in “American Assassin” actually that the story of a young man who is trained by the CIA for the perfect killing machine will not go into production! Warning there was finally enough . movies front. movies front.

Box-office flop with announcement

Far too many attempts: Currently the box office failure of that it often is a reason when renowned directors and writers on a fabric trying for decades, but just bring a satisfactory implementation of the road is “Gemini Man” a cautionary tale. In “American Assassin” it was similar.

Far too many attempts:

After purchasing the book rights, 2008, directors, writers and actors gave the handle in his hand. Antoine Fuqua ( “Training Day”) and Edward Zwick ( “The Last Samurai”) came and went just like Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell. Chris Hemsworth was even allegedly offered the stately salary of ten million dollars, but the “Thor” star took the role too monotonous.

Hastily: But then had to get a move on it at some point. The book rights threatened in 2016, falling back to the heirs of the author Vince Flynn, if not the production finally started off. Where “the enemy” was originally Flynn’s eighth novel to film, in which a bitter Mitch Rapp is on a personal vendetta, was now with “American Assassin – How it all began” published the history of the CIA killer. With “Maze Runner” star Dylan O’Brien as a young actor could be years, if not decades working. But perhaps we now acted too hastily . movies front. movies front.


The wrong time: Had the makers namely thinking again, might have occurred to them that the uncompromising, but of course always killing the good fight American who saves the world single-handedly, is perhaps just installed not so, where at that time the then current presidential candidate makes not only with his campaign slogan “America First” clear that his country’s interests should be above all others.

The wrong time:

The time cheer in the world viewers fingernails chewing as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in the series “24” (at the Vince Flynn, incidentally temporarily as consultants participated) for good tortured, was finally not without reason over. And one planned for the series movie, the makers had long since canceled. Because they knew that it is the wrong time for this kind of conscious almost unthinkingly anti-terrorist single combat . movies front. movies front.

Hard action with teen star: Vince Flynn’s books are tough and so it is likely to have fallen fans that the makers announced directly, not to compromise. In the US, the film also got so called “adult release,” an R-rating. In Germany, he was released after an initial refusal of youth released on appeal just over 16 years. In the release, the justification “sometimes drastic action and scenes of violence” are mentioned. However, such harsh action films are difficult to market. This requires a well-known brand and / or stars who are for it – see Stallone and “Rambo”.

Hard action with teen star:

But what’s missing: A novel adaptation does have a fan base, but that adaptations (including video games) to be a success, you have to just appeal to people who have heard nothing yet. That eventually make up the majority of moviegoers. And a star can help, but Dylan O’Brien was previously for a completely different audience. He was known as a teen heartthrob through the MTV series “Teen Wolf” and “Maze Runner” film series – both not just made for an audience that thinks, “Oh, and now I look at me as he terrorists massacred! “

That “American Assassin” flopped, so it was not a very big surprise. If you want to get an idea of ​​the movie you anyway: ProSieben shows the action thriller this Sunday from 22:35.

ProSieben shows the action thriller this Sunday from 22:35.

Bridesmaids 2 It is a continuation of the cult comedy

“Bridesmaids 2”: It is a continuation of the cult comedy

If it creates a film with a budget of around 32 million US dollars einzuspielen nine times this budget, a sequel is usually quickly settled. Why this is not the case with “Bridesmaids” has director Paul Feig tell us

Although Paul Feig today best known for his controversial “Ghostbusters” -Reboots – and decried in some fan circles – is, so it is unfair to reduce the action of the comedy specialists only on this one movie. In particular, because his comedy “Bridesmaids” is the far more interesting film and justly enjoys a status as a modern comedy classic. In Screenrush we awarded for the frivolous stag to Melissa McCarthy 4 of 5 stars and also the rest of the audience who dragged more than 280 million US dollars in the box office worldwide, was done.

The FILM STARTS-review of “Bridesmaids”

What are the chances of “Bridesmaids 2”?

With such a success, it is nevertheless actually on hand to try to repeat it as soon as possible with a sequel, director Feig and screenwriter and lead actress Kristen Wiig have so far revealed no concrete Sequel plans. But pleasure is definitely present, as Feig assures us in the interview, but you know also of the pitfalls that bring a sequel with it:

But pleasure is definitely present, as Feig assures us in the interview, but you know also of the pitfalls that bring a sequel with it:

“I think we would find it all exciting to make another part, if we hinbekämen correct the story, but the story would get right well prove to be a very difficult task indeed. It’s easy to say ‘marries one of the other characters!’ Yeah, right. OK. But how exactly do we make this story compelling, apart from the fact that we attend a wedding and crazy things happen? That’s not the reason why, Bridesmaids’ works. There is one reason, but not the main reason. “

In the script that matters – and the author

According Feig, however, the initial impetus must come from anyway Wiig what had not been done. When asked whether he thought a sequel likely, said Feig:

When asked whether he thought a sequel likely, said Feig:

“Hard to say. It really is up to Kristen Wiig. She wrote the original. The public wants to have long known that [we make a sequel]. But that’s hard. It sounds always so as if sequels so simple, you think, you just drums all the people from the original together. But the truth why a movie is like, Bridesmaids does’ not the wedding.

The film works because it tells a story about a woman whose life is a disaster and must find a way to their lives by using the experience they make in the course of the film, to repair. In a continuation you can not just say Ok, her life is now again a disaster, let’s watch it as it heals again. ‘

That is the reason why it is increasingly difficult to make a sequel. It can easily happen that everything degenerates into superficiality, the fact that all the trappings worked so well, is only because we were carried away by the journey of the main character. “