Shooting stars: Werner Herzog’s new film has the perfect theme for him

Werner Herzog’s new project has a home: The documentary “Fireball” will be shown on Apple 9Movies He worked again with Professor Clive Oppenheimer, which should please Herzog fans as much as the content of “Fireball”.

In his new documentary “Fireball” Werner Herzog deals with how shooting stars, meteorites and similar events influence the human imagination of other worlds and of our past and future. And anyone who is familiar with Werner Herzog’s very own style will not be able to avoid seeing the subject as perfect for him.

In addition, Herzog worked one more time with the British Cambridge professor Clive Oppenheimer. He already appeared in his Oscar-nominated masterpiece “Encounters at the End of the World” and played an important role in the documentary “In the Depths of Inferno”.

Since Oppenheimer did a lot of research in Antarctica and his specialty is volcanology, the two previous participations, where exactly these topics were involved, were obvious. We are eagerly awaiting what he was able to contribute to the new film.

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As has now been announced, “Fireball” will be shown exclusively on the Apple TV streaming service. The iPhone manufacturer has now acquired the rights to the film that Herzog had been working on since 2018 and for which he traveled around the world with Oppenheimer to explore a wide variety of perspectives.

As has now been announced, “Fireball” will be shown exclusively on the Apple TV streaming service.

There is no release date yet.

There is no release date yet.

You can currently watch another new Werner Herzog film on another small streaming service: MUBI has “Family Romance, LLC” in its program. The tragicomic and pseudo-documentary drama, which is well worth seeing, is about a Japanese agency that rents out family members, among other things.