“Terminator 6: Dark Fate”: why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the highlight

The new “Terminator” is solid as a continuation of “Terminator 2”, but can not hold a candle to the classic action. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger stands out – its role and performance is the true advancement in this sequel.

+++ opinion (with spoilers!) +++

+++ opinion (with spoilers!) +++

The straight-simple “Terminator” and the action masterpiece “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” are modern film classic. Then but the series never reached again the quality of the first two films, so that the killing machine-comes-from-the-future-premise increasingly irritable lost (and Part 4 that actually plays in the future, unfortunately, was only a bland material battle) ,

“Terminator 6: Dark Fate”, since 24 October 2019, is in theaters certainly not the great quality reboot, you could hope for from a contribution from the franchise founder James Cameron. Cameron had to “Terminator 2” nothing with the series on his hat and returned for “Dark Fate” at least as a producer back who took mainly affect the content, the composition of the crew and the post-production. By his own admission he was going heavily involved primarily in the development of the script and in the editing process.

But although Cameron’s return did not bring the big change is “Terminator: The Dark Fate” at least a step in the right direction – which is for me especially and precisely to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

is “Terminator: The Dark Fate” at least a step in the right direction – which is for me especially and precisely to Arnold Schwarzenegger artsandcinema.

An action Grandpa plays the perfect new Terminator!

Bodybuilder, ex-Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the proud 72 years old. And he of all people, who had dutifully participated in almost every recent sequels to “Terminator 2”, without ever being able to shine again as before, gives “Terminator 6” the necessary freshness!

I can only agree with my colleague Bj√∂rn mug that certifies Schwarzenegger’s old, that have become human-like ex-killing machine in his “Terminator 6” criticism to be both funny and to have soul.

As they say in perhaps the funniest set of the film, is a Terminator like that of “Dark Fate” just for that reason alone the perfect replacement Papa because he changes diapers as well as persistent, without ever complain. As behind many terrific gags is also behind this one truth of the variety “True, there could have been even earlier can come on it” – and at the same time sympathetic optimistic story of a further development, a human.

A terminator is human

An exclusively created for killing machine has found a new purpose, a sense in which their skills in the mechanical precision are used exactly the opposite of the original intention: The Terminator is now there to sustain life – and not by force of arms, as even in parts 3 and 5, but simply with his big, strong hands.

Basically, I’ve been looking for “Terminator 6: Dark Fate” wished that Schwarzenegger would not only played an important, memorable Along with part here, but the main role: A killer robot is dear and as a family man old – THAT would be times an original (and touching and funny) “terminator” sequel been.