So its off to Fast & Furious 8 continues Netflix series Fast & Furious 9 and more in the works

So it’s off to “Fast & Furious 8” continues: Netflix series, “Fast & Furious 9” and more in the works

On RTL today the free TV premiere runs from “Fast & Furious 8”. Reason enough time to take a look at how to proceed with the action franchise. Even before “Fast & Furious 9” awaits us on Netflix as “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers”.

With “Furious 7”, and the (first) “Fast & Furious 8” spin-off “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw” played the last three films in the action saga a more than 3.5 billion dollars. Instead, however, rest on this mega success, you look long for new ways and means to expand the Speeders franchise. The first has already made the offshoot with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, but that should not be an end long!

Who does free TV premiere can “8 Fast & Furious” hardly be expected at 20.15 on RTL after today (1 December 2019) until it goes with the series finally, by the way no longer has to wait a long time. Because it goes back very soon in the world of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) & Co.!

Auf Netflix: “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers”

Just days ago, Netflix released new images from the upcoming “Fast & Furious” series and also confirmed that the first season will be released later this year. In “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers” is all about the young Tony Toretto, the same petrol in their blood has as its older cousin Dom. Together with his racing friends, he is hired by the government to infiltrate an elite racing league and make the criminal organization behind this arrest.

The animated series is aimed Although more of a younger audience, but who departs to the movies, you can take a look here times in less than a month.

“Fast & Furious: Spy Racers” will be released on December 26th, 2019 at Netflix.

“Fast & Furious: Spy Racers” will be released on December 26th, 2019 at free2watch.

“Fast & Furious 9”: 2020

On the screen it goes next spring on – and we are anxious to see how it goes on for ever. Because that “Fast & Furious 9” starts in the first half of the year, there’s been virtually no information on the content of the then total of ten “Fast & Furious” movie.

However, what we know is that for “Fast & Furious 9” next to the returnees Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren among other rapper Cardi B ( “Hustlers”), “Guardians Of The Galaxy “star Michael Rooker and wrestler John Cena (” Bumblebee “) stood in front of the camera.

“Fast & Furious 9” comes on 21 May 2020 the cinemas.

“Fast & Furious 9” comes on 21 May 2020 the cinemas.

“Fast & Furious 10”: 2021

Given the recent success it can have the “Fast & Furious” -Macher allow not only think of one film to the next, but even further. In addition to Part 9 therefore already “Fast & Furious 10” is effectively set in stone.

The film was already some time ago as the grand finale of the saga, 20 years after the first film increases announced. Content details are not yet known, but us the return of Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs could probably expect it. Who shared a few weeks ago on Instagram namely a video in which he lets us know actor Vin Diesel: “See you soon, Toretto!”

And he can only Part 10 mean: For published in countless videos from the set of the ninth part, the diesel and Co. in recent months was seen by Johnson no trace. In addition, the actor himself confirmed earlier this year in an Instagram post that he would not be there in “Fast & Furious 9”. Therefore, we believe that his return will be more than made in Part 10 currently assume. But who knows, maybe it will thus also only attract the fans on the wrong track?

“Fast & Furious 10” comes on 1 April 2021 the cinemas.

“Fast & Furious 10” comes on 1 April 2021 the cinemas.

“Come Hobbs & Shaw 2”?

After the first “Fast & Furious” -Spin-off “Hobbs & Shaw” was left to both the German and the American box office behind expectations, the film still turned out by the help of, among others, China still a hit – and played worldwide more than 758 million dollars. A sequel has since not confirmed, appears after the success but quite conceivable.

To celebrate the release of the first part we met, among others, Johnson’s co-star Jason Statham ( “Meg”) to the interview, which told us that we certainly play with the idea of ​​a sequel. “It all depends on whether the audience is for our film to the cinema and want to see more of it,” let us know the Briton. The box office speaks at least for a great interest of the audience.

And who knows how much money the film is flush with the home theater starts will be in the coffers of Universal? * December 12, 2019 DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray: In Germany appears “Hobbs & Shaw Fast & Furious”. Moreover, it is of course as well as give the movie as a video-on-demand * in limited Steelbook *.

“Hobbs & Shaw 2”: Did Dwayne Johnson just announced a sequel starring Jason Momoa?


Game Of Thrones George R R Martin reveals the bizarre inspiration for his fantasy Hit

“Game Of Thrones”: George R. R. Martin reveals the bizarre inspiration for his fantasy Hit

What “Game Of Thrones” to do with dead turtles? Interestingly, as a lot, because before author George R. R. Martin Jon Snow, Daenerys, Cersei and Co. did compete against each other, initially challenged the turtles struggle for the throne of …

Ever heard of “Turtle Castle”? No? Is kind of a predecessor of “Game Of Thrones” and “A Song of Ice and Fire” as the HBO’s underlying novel series is in Germany. Whose author George R. R. Martin had in fact stories thought up as a child a rich imagination and has to be able to better handle the death of his pets.

But one after anonther…

Murdering turtles in a toy castle

The whole thing was like this: How George R. R. Martin told Fame in celebrating his induction into the New Jersey Hall of he held as a child turtles as pets. He also had owned a toy castle, which was large enough to accommodate two of the turtles reinzusetzen – which he then did. George played with the turtles in his castle, all was well.

George played with the turtles in his castle, all was well.

But the life of the animals proved to be very limited – they died George rows at the hands away. The explanation of the author today, probably was the turtle food that you would get included with the animals, was not very nutritious. But as a child, this death broke his heart and he had been looking for an explanation as to how it could have come to the enigmatic turtles dying. And since the future bestselling author threw his fantasy:

“I’ve been thinking: You have killed each other. They have lived in the castle. So they were obviously knights and kings and princesses and they have competed around the turtle throne and murdered there. Long before, Game Of Thrones ‘was therefore Turtle Castle’ one of my first fantasy epics. ”

I was thinking: You have killed each other.
Long before, Game Of Thrones ‘, was therefore Turtle Castle’ one of my first fantasy epics.

Martins erstes Fantasy-Epos: “Turtle Castle”

His description of these events led George R. R. Martin with the words, his first stories he had already written as a child. “Turtle Castle” is therefore actually written somewhere in his drawer, we’d just like to read it out! Whether he then named the animals already Daenerys, Sansa, Tyrion and Co.?

This entertaining anecdote from the life of the writer can ye the way also from his own lips listen, because we have the video of his speech included below (from Minute7.22).

Who wants some rather see stories about the Iron Throne as the turtle throne, may very soon the eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones” on Blu-ray or DVD * on the shelf, since the start of the sale falls on 3 December 2019 (but pre-orders are of course already possible). GoT Series online on Fmovies here.

“Game Of Thrones” Season 8: Exclusive insight into the bonus content from Blu-ray and DVD


Terminator 6 Dark Fate why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the highlight

“Terminator 6: Dark Fate”: why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the highlight

The new “Terminator” is solid as a continuation of “Terminator 2”, but can not hold a candle to the classic action. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger stands out – its role and performance is the true advancement in this sequel.

+++ opinion (with spoilers!) +++

+++ opinion (with spoilers!) +++

The straight-simple “Terminator” and the action masterpiece “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” are modern film classic. Then but the series never reached again the quality of the first two films, so that the killing machine-comes-from-the-future-premise increasingly irritable lost (and Part 4 that actually plays in the future, unfortunately, was only a bland material battle) ,

“Terminator 6: Dark Fate”, since 24 October 2019, is in theaters certainly not the great quality reboot, you could hope for from a contribution from the franchise founder James Cameron. Cameron had to “Terminator 2” nothing with the series on his hat and returned for “Dark Fate” at least as a producer back who took mainly affect the content, the composition of the crew and the post-production. By his own admission he was going heavily involved primarily in the development of the script and in the editing process.

But although Cameron’s return did not bring the big change is “Terminator: The Dark Fate” at least a step in the right direction – which is for me especially and precisely to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

is “Terminator: The Dark Fate” at least a step in the right direction – which is for me especially and precisely to Arnold Schwarzenegger artsandcinema.

An action Grandpa plays the perfect new Terminator!

Bodybuilder, ex-Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the proud 72 years old. And he of all people, who had dutifully participated in almost every recent sequels to “Terminator 2”, without ever being able to shine again as before, gives “Terminator 6” the necessary freshness!

I can only agree with my colleague Björn mug that certifies Schwarzenegger’s old, that have become human-like ex-killing machine in his “Terminator 6” criticism to be both funny and to have soul.

As they say in perhaps the funniest set of the film, is a Terminator like that of “Dark Fate” just for that reason alone the perfect replacement Papa because he changes diapers as well as persistent, without ever complain. As behind many terrific gags is also behind this one truth of the variety “True, there could have been even earlier can come on it” – and at the same time sympathetic optimistic story of a further development, a human.

A terminator is human

An exclusively created for killing machine has found a new purpose, a sense in which their skills in the mechanical precision are used exactly the opposite of the original intention: The Terminator is now there to sustain life – and not by force of arms, as even in parts 3 and 5, but simply with his big, strong hands.

Basically, I’ve been looking for “Terminator 6: Dark Fate” wished that Schwarzenegger would not only played an important, memorable Along with part here, but the main role: A killer robot is dear and as a family man old – THAT would be times an original (and touching and funny) “terminator” sequel been.


Game Of Thrones finale Emilia Clarke has betrayed us their greatest appeal to viewers of RTL 2

“Game Of Thrones” finale: Emilia Clarke has betrayed us their greatest appeal to viewers of RTL 2!

We spoke with Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke on the occasion of her new movie “Last Christmas” and asked what they want to tell the audience that will see the “Game Of Thrones” finale in RTL2 premiere for the first time …

The whole of Germany has seen the “Game Of Thrones” finale. Whole Germany? No, there is certainly more than a few fans who have not watched the eighth season in the spring of 2019 on Sky and now pursue the free TV broadcast on RTL TWO.

Five episodes of the transmitter has already shown on October 26, 2019 20:15 then the sixth and final episode runs with the title “Game of Thrones”. We met Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke for an interview and tells her that some viewers in Germany will now see the finals for the first time. What would the “mother of dragons” give them along the way want before they turn? compassionate clearly with her character Daenerys asks Emilia Clarke fans:

“Considering just their point! I have many arguments for Daenerys … for the mother of dragons. just be nice! “

“Considering just their point! I have many arguments for Daenerys … for the mother of dragons. just be nice! “

Emilia Clarke in “Last Christmas” im Kino

can be nice to her then so tonight from 20:15 and whoever the eighth season has followed so far, who knows that there really is a lot of discussion about potential Daenerys. At 22 o’clock RTL TWO then also shows the documentary “Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch”.

And who Emilia Clarke would like to see again after the end of “Game Of Thrones”: On 14 November 2019 their Christmas comedy “Last Christmas” starts epicmovienews.


Gladiator 2 really is So the sequel to Ridley Scott should look like

“Gladiator 2” really is: So the sequel to Ridley Scott should look like!

It’s been almost 20 years since “Gladiator” was with Russell Crowe and “Joker” Joaquin Phoenix to hit movie and Oscar success. Now but a belated sequel is yet to come. We summarize for you the current status of “Gladiator 2” together.

Again and again there were plans for “Gladiator 2”, but never went ahead really. Now Ridley Scott still does make a sequel to his “Gladiator”. The screenplay was written by author Peter Craig ( “The Town,” “Bad Boys For Life”).

That’s the point: 25 – 30 years later, is now the young Lucius (then Spencer Treat Clark) at the center. The son of Emperor sister Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) is to remember the Gladiator Maximus (Russell Crowe), who once saved his life. He wants to emulate his role model and ensure themselves of justice.

That’s the point:

It is a rather typical, relatively straightforward sequel. It gave a completely different, crazy idea even with an entire script. We will never see, but because it is so beautiful crazy, we want them necessarily imagine here.

Maximus, the Jesus Killer: The rejected Sequel Plan

On the personal request of Russell Crowe himself who fancy a sequel with himself had in the lead role, wrote with singer Nick Cave, a real superstar a script for a “Gladiator 2” of exactly this comeback despite the death of the figure in the first part provides. The Australian singer, who later with “The Proposition” and “Lawless” wrote actually filmed screenplays, therefore devised to “Gladiator 2: Christ killer”:

The dead Maximus (Russell Crowe) is sent back to Caves version of the old Roman gods to earth – in the past. Because Jupiter and Co. are dying because most of their former followers believe only in one God, who sacrificed his son for the people. Maximus is designed to prevent Jesus ever is a martyr now – by killing him before ( “Terminator” style). Since the story is far settled in the past ( “Gladiator” itself plays some 180 years after the birth of Christ), would Maximus the only link to the original.

That no one really wanted to implement this idea is understandable. That would be really trippy and we can imagine right as studio bosses have only scratched the head in disbelief when they were pitched this concept. Who then finally pulled the plug, is controversial. According Cave Crowe did not like the idea and rejected directly. According to Ridley Scott the star but I fought for the script. Scott referred Caves screenplay as “a narrative brilliant,” but it was then just at the end of content simply does not enforce been.

Russell Crowe returns back anyway?

By now pursued idea of ​​telling the story of Lucius, who is now himself a handsome man with well own family and children, the door for a return of Russell Crowe seems to per se. But perhaps the excellent for “Gladiator” with his only previous Oscar Australians is anyway.

Because Scott hinted that Maximus will be noticeably present because Lucius leads his life in memory of this. Although he is dead, Maximus was a kind of mentor for Lucius. This can be implemented in accordance with of course whether Maximus speaks as voice-over to Lucius or possibly even this seems like a ghost Moviesider.

that Maximus will be noticeably present because Lucius leads his life in memory of this.

The busy Ridley Scott

When “Gladiator 2” will appear with the more conventional sequel idea is not yet known. Supposedly the project at Scott does have a very high priority, but have many other things obviously. Relatively safe is now that he and Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Ben Affleck and shooting star and Emmy winner Jodie Commer ( “Killing Eve”) once turns the historical drama “The Last Duel”.

The next project is “Gladiator 2” So do not – so you have to make a small question mark behind it when the film could now actually come. Also because despite his advanced age (he will soon be 82!) All the time still very enterprising Scott ( “Alien: Covenant” & “All the money in the world”) in 2017 after two films now published neither in 2018 nor in 2019 a movie. For the first time since the late 90’s there is so for two consecutive years (1998-1999) no Ridley Scott film. he let what movie following the break then at that time? “Gladiator”!

This is there tonight on free TV. RTL 2 shows “Gladiator” on Friday, October 25, at 20.15 – but probably in an abridged version.

Anyone interested in Nick Cave’s “Gladiator 2: Christ killer” interested can also submit spend the night, to read the script now published online.


Longer version of Joker Therefore there will be no directors cut

Longer version of “Joker”? Therefore there will be no director’s cut

“Joker” appears on the current state on March 12, 2020 DVD and Blu-ray as well as a digital version. But who been looking forward to cut scenes or even a longer director’s cut or extended cut is likely to be disappointed …

Many “Justice League” fans do not come to rest, because they would like to see the director Zack Snyder actually intended version of the film, called Snyder cut. Snyder was replaced during production by Joss Whedon, who made extensive changes at the behest of Warner.

But on “Joker” you can see how much has changed since then, Warner and DC: Director Todd Phillips could apparently turn exactly the movie he wanted to make, without anyone has interfered. For as he reiterated vehemently against Collider, will be of “Joker” no director’s cut. Not even distant scenes will get to see the fans on DVD and Blu-ray.

“I hate fucking Extended Cuts. I hate cut scenes. Which are “yes cut for good reason, as Phillips. “Joker” is exactly the movie he wanted, and he would never show a distant scene.

“I hate fucking Extended Cuts. I hate cut scenes. Which are “yes cut for good reason, as Phillips. “Joker” is exactly the movie he wanted, and he would never show a distant scene.

This scene was cut

After all, Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix betrayed but against Collider details of a scene that did not make it just barely in the theatrical version of “Joker”: Apparently Arthur should (Phoenix) again (in the middle of the film with his co-clown Randall Glenn Fleshler) talk, which gives him the revolver in the film.

Apparently Arthur (Phoenix) should speak again in the middle of the film with his co-clown Randall (Glenn Fleshler), who gives him the revolver in the film.

In the finished film recall only the scene in which Arthur in clown agency writes on the sign over the stairs it. This conversation was “one of the best scenes of the film” was so Phoenix. Nevertheless, he did fully understand that they had to be cut because he had realized that the film was no better allaboutmovies.

“That’s the great thing about movies, right? You can have a great scene, gives that sense, but the film is the sum of all these scenes and the need to work together to tell a story. And [that we have cut out the scene] has made this whole sequence so smoothly. “

This extra could come to DVD and Blu-ray

A small concession to “Joker” fans who yearn for new images, Phillips then made yet: he had cut together a montage of the various takes, which (by the scene in which Arthur as the Joker, the talk show of Murray Franklin Robert de Niro) visited, were filmed.

He had cut together a montage of the various takes, who attended the talk show of Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) from the scene in which Arthur as a wild card, were filmed.

“Murray has stood up and said, Please is the joker welcome ‘and the curtain has risen and he has made something different every time. […] We shot perhaps 13 times and they are all different and so funny, there are many good takes. “

Not even Phoenix itself has seen this compilation so far, but according to Collider, there is a chance that we get the Supercut in the home theater to face.

“Joker” appears on March 12, 2020 DVD, Blu-ray and digital and running in German cinemas since October 10 of 2019.

“Joker” appears on March 12, 2020 DVD, Blu-ray and digital and running in German cinemas since October 10 of 2019.

The war begins Find it in The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 4 continue

The war begins: Find it in “The Walking Dead” Season 10, Episode 4 continue

In the latest episode of the tenth “The Walking Dead” season, the negotiations between the protagonists and the Whisperers escalate. The likely next week to send their zombies – but the resistance is forming. Here’s the trailer:

In the third episode of the tenth “The Walking Dead” season, it must include the inhabitants of Alexandria with many hungry zombies who were sent apparently by the Whisperers. However, the bad guys deny that and there will be negotiations between the two groups. However, the situation escalated – and the war really gets rolling.

The war really gets rolling.

This now shows the above preview of the fourth episode of the current season, which is entitled “Silence The Whisperers” and was directed by Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz.

The resistance is forming

The English title of the next episode (the German is not yet known) plays on a graffito one, which can be seen already in the trailer: “Silence the Whisperers”, eg “Bring the Whisperers silenced.”

The inhabitants of the communities do not seem to be willing to continue to accept the deeds of the masked villain. You are ready to go into battle cinemascanner. But the whisperers probably not afraid of a war: A giant zombie horde now also attacks Hilltop.

The inhabitants of the communities do not seem to be willing to continue to accept the deeds of the masked villains

Although the preview does not tell on next week whether behind actually Alpha (Samantha Morton) and put their men, but it would be very surprising if not. After all, the Whisperer leader threatened already at the end of Season 9 to want to send their undead armada, the limit should be exceeded again to their field.

Exactly how it goes for Carol (Melissa McBride) and Co., we find out in the next week: On October 28, 2019 Sky shines in this country, the fourth episode of the tenth “The Walking Dead” season from.

On October 28, 2019 Sky shines in this country from the fourth episode of the tenth “The Walking Dead” season.

American Assassin why the planned mega-franchise has failed

“American Assassin”: why the planned mega-franchise has failed

13 books wrote Vince Flynn about the CIA anti-terrorist fighters Mitch Rapp until his death in 2013, followed by five other novels written by a new author. Enough material for a mega-action franchise. But nothing came of it known.

It is now not uncommon in Hollywood that the makers already have a whole franchise in mind when they produce only times only a movie. And it is not uncommon that these plans quickly disappear in the drawer when the first part of a flop at the box office. That “American Assassin” will never see a sequel is about totally logical: Worldwide revenues of only around 67 million dollars is just too puny – even with a modest budget of 33 million dollars.

Here, one might have seen earlier in “American Assassin” actually that the story of a young man who is trained by the CIA for the perfect killing machine will not go into production! Warning there was finally enough . movies front. movies front.

Box-office flop with announcement

Far too many attempts: Currently the box office failure of that it often is a reason when renowned directors and writers on a fabric trying for decades, but just bring a satisfactory implementation of the road is “Gemini Man” a cautionary tale. In “American Assassin” it was similar.

Far too many attempts:

After purchasing the book rights, 2008, directors, writers and actors gave the handle in his hand. Antoine Fuqua ( “Training Day”) and Edward Zwick ( “The Last Samurai”) came and went just like Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell. Chris Hemsworth was even allegedly offered the stately salary of ten million dollars, but the “Thor” star took the role too monotonous.

Hastily: But then had to get a move on it at some point. The book rights threatened in 2016, falling back to the heirs of the author Vince Flynn, if not the production finally started off. Where “the enemy” was originally Flynn’s eighth novel to film, in which a bitter Mitch Rapp is on a personal vendetta, was now with “American Assassin – How it all began” published the history of the CIA killer. With “Maze Runner” star Dylan O’Brien as a young actor could be years, if not decades working. But perhaps we now acted too hastily . movies front. movies front.


The wrong time: Had the makers namely thinking again, might have occurred to them that the uncompromising, but of course always killing the good fight American who saves the world single-handedly, is perhaps just installed not so, where at that time the then current presidential candidate makes not only with his campaign slogan “America First” clear that his country’s interests should be above all others.

The wrong time:

The time cheer in the world viewers fingernails chewing as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in the series “24” (at the Vince Flynn, incidentally temporarily as consultants participated) for good tortured, was finally not without reason over. And one planned for the series movie, the makers had long since canceled. Because they knew that it is the wrong time for this kind of conscious almost unthinkingly anti-terrorist single combat . movies front. movies front.

Hard action with teen star: Vince Flynn’s books are tough and so it is likely to have fallen fans that the makers announced directly, not to compromise. In the US, the film also got so called “adult release,” an R-rating. In Germany, he was released after an initial refusal of youth released on appeal just over 16 years. In the release, the justification “sometimes drastic action and scenes of violence” are mentioned. However, such harsh action films are difficult to market. This requires a well-known brand and / or stars who are for it – see Stallone and “Rambo”.

Hard action with teen star:

But what’s missing: A novel adaptation does have a fan base, but that adaptations (including video games) to be a success, you have to just appeal to people who have heard nothing yet. That eventually make up the majority of moviegoers. And a star can help, but Dylan O’Brien was previously for a completely different audience. He was known as a teen heartthrob through the MTV series “Teen Wolf” and “Maze Runner” film series – both not just made for an audience that thinks, “Oh, and now I look at me as he terrorists massacred! “

That “American Assassin” flopped, so it was not a very big surprise. If you want to get an idea of ​​the movie you anyway: ProSieben shows the action thriller this Sunday from 22:35.

ProSieben shows the action thriller this Sunday from 22:35.

Bridesmaids 2 It is a continuation of the cult comedy

“Bridesmaids 2”: It is a continuation of the cult comedy

If it creates a film with a budget of around 32 million US dollars einzuspielen nine times this budget, a sequel is usually quickly settled. Why this is not the case with “Bridesmaids” has director Paul Feig tell us

Although Paul Feig today best known for his controversial “Ghostbusters” -Reboots – and decried in some fan circles – is, so it is unfair to reduce the action of the comedy specialists only on this one movie. In particular, because his comedy “Bridesmaids” is the far more interesting film and justly enjoys a status as a modern comedy classic. In Screenrush we awarded for the frivolous stag to Melissa McCarthy 4 of 5 stars and also the rest of the audience who dragged more than 280 million US dollars in the box office worldwide, was done.

The FILM STARTS-review of “Bridesmaids”

What are the chances of “Bridesmaids 2”?

With such a success, it is nevertheless actually on hand to try to repeat it as soon as possible with a sequel, director Feig and screenwriter and lead actress Kristen Wiig have so far revealed no concrete Sequel plans. But pleasure is definitely present, as Feig assures us in the interview, but you know also of the pitfalls that bring a sequel with it:

But pleasure is definitely present, as Feig assures us in the interview, but you know also of the pitfalls that bring a sequel with it:

“I think we would find it all exciting to make another part, if we hinbekämen correct the story, but the story would get right well prove to be a very difficult task indeed. It’s easy to say ‘marries one of the other characters!’ Yeah, right. OK. But how exactly do we make this story compelling, apart from the fact that we attend a wedding and crazy things happen? That’s not the reason why, Bridesmaids’ works. There is one reason, but not the main reason. “

In the script that matters – and the author

According Feig, however, the initial impetus must come from anyway Wiig what had not been done. When asked whether he thought a sequel likely, said Feig:

When asked whether he thought a sequel likely, said Feig:

“Hard to say. It really is up to Kristen Wiig. She wrote the original. The public wants to have long known that [we make a sequel]. But that’s hard. It sounds always so as if sequels so simple, you think, you just drums all the people from the original together. But the truth why a movie is like, Bridesmaids does’ not the wedding.

The film works because it tells a story about a woman whose life is a disaster and must find a way to their lives by using the experience they make in the course of the film, to repair. In a continuation you can not just say Ok, her life is now again a disaster, let’s watch it as it heals again. ‘

That is the reason why it is increasingly difficult to make a sequel. It can easily happen that everything degenerates into superficiality, the fact that all the trappings worked so well, is only because we were carried away by the journey of the main character. “